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Top Ten in the Nation

FROST 1998: Niklas Gummeson, Carlos Curti, Ron Hill, Sally Hathaway.

Team Frost placed in the Top Ten teams of the U.S. in Eloy, AZ , at the 1998 U.S. Nationals in the Open Category, with a 12.6 average.

Action Shots


Competition Results

OCT 17      National Skydiving League     Deland         14-10-10-13-12-10-15-11-7-14     3rd place 

OCT 28     U.S. Nationals                         Eloy, AZ      11-11-14-12-15-9-19-11-9-15        10th place

OCT 28     America's Cup                         Eloy, AZ      concurrent with US Nationals        1st place