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U.S. National Champions - Advanced

FROST 1999: Robert Healy, Sally Hathaway, Niklas Gummesson, Carlos Curti


Team Frost became the U.S. National Champions in the Advanced Category of the '99 U.S. Skydiving Nationals in Eloy, Arizona, with a 13.6 average.

FROST, Winning the 1999 U.S. Nationals at Sebastian, Florida

FROST and Frostie_G, Winning the America's Cup at Houston, Texas.

Competition Results

JAN 7          Florida Skydiving League          Space Center             11-11-13-11-6-11
FEB 7           Florida Skydiving League          Z-Hills                       11-14-12-15-8-11
FEB 28        Florida Skydiving League           Daytona Beach         13
MAR 21      Florida Skydiving League           Lake Wales                17-13-11-12-12
APR 11        Florida Skydiving League           Sebastian                   15-13-12-12-11-9
MAY 1        Florida Skydiving League           Deland                       11
MAY 2       America's Cup                            Deland                       11-14-13-11-12-11
MAY 23     Florida Skydiving League            Space Center             13-13-15-18-13-10
JUN 13       Florida Skydiving League            Z-Hills                      13-12-11-12-14-15
JUL 11         Florida Skydiving League            Sebastian                   13-11-13-17-14-9
JUL 18        America's Cup                            Houston                    14-11-13-16-11-11                      
3rd place
JUL 25        Florida Skydiving League           Deland                       15-13-14-10-11-12
AUG 8        Florida Skydiving League           Space Center             13-14-17-10-13-14
AUG 22      Florida Skydiving League           Z-Hills                      15-13                                          
2nd place
SEP 25        U.S. Nationals                            Sebastian                   15-11-10-13-13-21-15-16-9-13 
1st place