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Hefty Goals in 4-way and 8-way

For this upcoming season, Frost will have two teams:  a 4-way team and an 8-way team.  Ideally, the best 4 people from the 8-way team would be in the new 2001 Frost Team, but this is not a requirement.  8-way will be quite less formal than the 4-way, because it's more difficult to organize.  As such, we will have a roster of more than 8 in order to make the camps.
The focus will be on the 4-way team, which will be training 2 weekends a month, compete at all the FSLs, and win the Advanced Class in the Nationals at Eloy next year.  The 8-way team will be training one weekend a month, perhaps compete at some of the America's Cups, and win the Intermediate Class in the Nationals next year.  The goal is to put the Frost name up in the charts in both events.

Contact Frost now if you are interested in trying out for either or both teams.