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Frost Tryout Camp #1

Green Means Go, Cutaway 8-way

Skydivers:         Pablo Iragorri,  Jim Goempel, Tim Taylor, Carlos Curti,  Niklas Gummeson,

                        Bob Schindler, Arlo, and Scott Franklin.


Camera:        Seth Cohen and Clint Macbeth; Photos courtesy of Clint Macbeth. 



Double Chinese Tee exit


Taj exit


Summary:     Beautiful skydiving weather.  75 degrees, light wind, blue skies, no clouds.  The fast "Rocketvan" from Skydive Deland allowed us to make 14 jumps in 2 days.  With many dives in the double digits, this 8-way camp was a great introduction for what is to come in subsequent camps.  Can't ask for more excitement when you have an entire 8-way leave the aircraft while the red light is still on during jump run, and then having 3 cutaways during the weekend!