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CBS Orlando

221 Torcaso Ct. Winter Springs, FL 32708


Holy Land Experience 

(November 23, 2002)  

 CBS group picture in front of the Jerusalem scale model, 66 A.D.



Jerusalem Model, 66 A.D.  Model is largest indoor model in the world.


"Hello there, do you want to come and study the Bible with me?"


"A little more to the right please......there you go...thank you Emil".


"I like these people from CBS, send me more of them!".


The Tomb of Jesus - He wasn't there!


Celeste was captured by some ugly roman guards after attempting to start a riot with the zealots.


Looks like Stephanie and her mother were also among the captured.


Celeste and the guide from the Holy Land share some time at the model


While elsewhere, Dino, Iolanda, and Carol get into problems...


It was a wonderful day of fellowship.