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Welcome to my quest to do it alI.  I'll be honest with you, I am the type of person that has never been satisfied to stop doing things, and I will continue searching, forever.  This journey in life will never be over.  I feel I have to try absolutely everything. The more I experience, the greater the desire for new things.  I am willing to try anything over land, water, or in the air. I have tried skydiving, flying, practical shooting, skateboarding, in-line skating and hockey, sandboarding and snowboarding, surfing, waterskiing,  snowskiing,  parasailing (both over ground and water), and recently unicycling, but in the last couple of years I have stuck mostly to skydiving. I love motorcycles, I have been in shooting competitions, jumped a balloon and a 727, and even made a naked skydive.  I have been to all six continents in the world.   I have flown airplanes, and even crashed one, and alive to tell about it.  I've done a lot, but I want more.  B.A.S.E. jumping, soaring, wing-walking, zero-g simulations, the world is full of a million things to do.  How do we find the money and the time to do it all?  Too bad there's only one life.

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