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On my birthday of 1998 I bought a Suzuki GSX-750F Katana.  Ever since, I have been adding or changing things to make it run faster, better, and look more  aesthetic.   This bike is really an awesome machine.  Add-ons to the bike include a carbon, Yoshimura RS-3 slip-on pipe, a racing windscreen from Lockhart Phillips, a Dunlop 170ZR rear tire, and decals from Tapeworks.  The wheels were powder coated by Powder-Tek.  The mud guard was trimmed up, and the tag relocated, to give the bike a racing look in the rear end.  If Targa would only make a solo-seat cowl for the 98 Katana, that would be the ultimate.  Sure, I can't keep up with a YZF-R1 or the CBR9292R, but it's OK.  This thing can go up to 140 mph, and that's good enough for the street.  On the racetrack....well, that's another story. 

In December of 2000, I went to Homestead Speedway for my Motorcycle Racing License Certification at the Penguin Racing School.  This is one of the most awesome things I have ever done.  I could feel the adrenaline trying to explode out of me.  Racing through these turns with other bikes at more than 120 mph on the straights, then quickly downshifting a few gears in the middle of the chaos while braking down into the turns feeling the whole weight of the bike go forward, pressing the bards hard into the turn, then rolling open again near the end of your lean, the asphalt so close to you.....awesome.