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Meet yet one more of my newfound passions: skiing and snowboarding.  In 1999, my girlfriend and I went  to Colorado twice.  We were so stoked that  we had to go back to get more snow.  The best places to go in Colorado are Winter Park, Keystone , Breckenridge, or Copper Mountain.  Early in 2000, we decided to do something different, and went to  Whistler/Blackcomb,.  It was truly awesome.   So many mountains, such a short life!!!!!  There's no reason to stick only to North America, there's plenty of snow in the world.  So we have plans to go elsewhere next time.  The greatest european ski area seems to be ValThorens in France; and in South America, Bariloche. in Argentina.  It's probably about time to start looking into these places.  A piece of warning:  you can go fast and go big on skis.  You can't seem to do the same with a snowboard.  You have to be a lot more careful.  If you crash, it feels like a fall from a two-story building.  Do that one full day, and you'll need a day off or a serious session with a massage therapist or a long soak in a good jacuzzi.