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Freefall is one of the most beautiful experiences that life has to offer, and missing out on the opportunity to do so is almost a sin. There is something magical about being able to freefall, being able to get together with others in the middle of space, a place where few have been. The air is a skydiver's sanctuary.

Memorable Jumps


1997 4-way training - South Africa Teamh South Africa Team
These are easily some of the most gratifying and awesome jumps I've ever done. We jumped with two member from Team South Africa, that placed 3rd in the World Skydiving Championships. Just plain HARDCORE SKYDIVING at it's best!!!!


1998: Second Tandem with Father


My dad had the courage to do it all over again, and remind himself of the pleasure of skydiving a few years ago. This time he did it in Zephyrhills. Team Frost, plus a cameraman, all docked with the tandem. My dad this time was able to share the sky with us. This was definitely an unforgettable moment for both of us.  




1998-2000 Team Frost "

 Team Frost has been my main focus in skydiving for the last 2 years, and I have plans to continue the tradition of Frost in Florida..  The 4way  team renovates every year at the end of each skydiving season, marked by the US Nationals in September.  The team has earned its reputation by placing first at the US Nationals in the Advanced Category for Formation Skydiving.  For 2001, we plan to make Frost an 8-way team.


2000: Mission Impossible Jumps

George Jicha came from Arizona to put together these awesome jumps from the talent pool in Florida. We look forward to having more of these events soon.  


2001: 4-way Training Camp with the Norgies:


Swooping the Ditch in Deland.....


8-way with Friends in Deland:


Big Ways in Deland:

Awesome Skydiving Videos

Fast paced 2-way over Skydive Space Center (1.2 MB)

Team Frost, tearing up the skies of Florida (

Drop Zones Attended

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