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I started surfing when I was 11, in Lima Peru.  This was my passion until I traded it for skydiving a few years ago.  Mainly because I live in Florida, and there are no waves here (not like Peru anyway).  There are days when I miss being able to check out the waves from the car, then paddle out to the point, and wait for the right one to come.  In Peru, I surfed several dozen spots, some of them worldly recognized places, such as Cerro Azul, Herradura, Chicama, and Punta Rocas.  I had a chance to surf in California, at Black's Beach, Windansea, and Hospital's Point.  I also surfed in Texas during hurricane season.  Just recently, I went to northern Spain in the winter, and got to see another famous break, Mundaka.  Too bad I had no board and no wetsuit!  In my trip to Australia I also got to see Bondi Beach, another famous australian spot.