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A Toll Booth Ministry

by Glenn Brown III, CBS Orlando Evening

One morning, as I was driving to work on I-4, I wondered how the
toll-takers are treated by the many drivers who are passing through to
pay tolls.  Between those racing to avoid being late to work and those
who aren't 'early-risers, I figured that toll takers have to deal with
a pretty tough crowd at times.

As a Christian we hear about not just talking the talk, but more so,
walking the walk.  So I decided to say to each toll taker, 'I hope you
have a blessed day today.'

To make a long story short, I made many friends.  I would receive "God
bless you's" in return and even had my toll paid for me a time or two!

This proved to me how easy it is to share to others the love we've
received through Jesus Christ!